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Healing the Healers

Healing the Healers

"Liz is a brilliant, skilled and incredibly compassionate healer.

She is also a wonderful and totally uplifting person to know.

Those who know and work with her respect and adore her, as I do."

Rosemary Wood, Naturopathic Doctor, Olympia, Washington

"The feeling is completely safe, grounded, and the openness is 

wonderful...uncovered mysteries I had hidden for many years...

I felt so many feelings of liberation, growth, understanding,

and the buoyancy I felt afterwards lifted me higher

than I knew possible. Mahalo!"

Jill Ami, Artist, Businesswoman, Blue Ginger Gallery, S. Kona, Hawai'i.

"The never ending quest for "peace of mind" and "real happiness" never truly felt attainable until I met Liz in September, 2014. I still feel the unfolding of the transformation that is taking place in my ability to give and receive love, not be dominated by ego, and accept the range of emotions we as human beings experience with peace and acceptance. Everything I need to feel happiness and peace is appearing, due to the openness of my heart...Liz created a safe, nurturing, and honest space to heal. She has a way of saying what needs to be said, from a place of non-judgment and compassion. My energy level and desire to connect with others has been restored!

Due to my work with Liz, I accepted a full-time job, and have been adjusting to that. Lots of good growth has been occurring. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to do this work!"

Lisa, Masters level special education teacher, Masters in Counseling Psychology student, Colorado Springs

"Liz is an amazing and skilled guide. The journey we took was transformative. It was what I needed to reconnect with a part of myself that was lost. Walking at night in the past month I have seen two owls and two shooting stars...the Goddess is speaking and I am listening."

B, therapist, Olympia, WA

"Working with Liz allows you the space in yourself to experience the true depth and mystery of being a spiritual being. By going on this shamanic healing journey with Liz, I gained access to a sense of self and wholeness I have not felt since I was a very young child. I was able to resolve deep wounds from childhood, release pain energy, and let go of old hurts and traumas that no longer serve me. I was also able to cure a decades-long phobia, and discovered an autonomous, loving, creative center in my brain that I'd been cut off from—out of self-defense.

I feel very different now, integrated in my body and in my life. I no longer suffer from severe PMS, and I am actually, physically, able to see more clearly—I have regained vision and hearing loss. I laugh easily and often. My neck pain is gone. Negative self-talk and self-destructive loops have been replaced with compassion, and the ability to let my emotions pass through without attaching stories and judgments to them. My face actually fits me differently. Space and reality have taken on brighter colors. My sister said I looked ten years younger. Plus, I’m moving forward financially. Since opening my spirit up to abundance mentality, I’ve been offered two on-line gigs that I can do from home. They pay well, and they came to me! Energy is flowing and my spirit feels light. 

The sacred feminine has intrigued me for decades, but because of the way I was raised, and debased, I have long kept myself from expressing the soft femininity I knew lived inside me. Since working with Liz, I’ve been wearing dresses, jewelry, putting on a little eyeliner now and then, and experiencing myself as I’ve always wished I “could.” I feel strong enough now to be vulnerable, to be soft. I feel powerful not hiding my gentleness. I am also growing stronger at setting boundaries, putting myself first, and speaking truth to power. I am challenging male blame, and not accepting emotional projections.

Many low-lying, mystical places in my spirit were brought to light during my healing journeys with Liz: sacred, irrational, wild, and natural spaces I didn’t know how to validate. Liz gave me permission to give myself permission… allowing my cosmic complexities stage and voice. I now feel an ever-present, nurturing support from the cosmos…my higher self. I feel encouragement and acceptance, and self-love. Having allowed the Gods, the beasts, the moon, the plants, the shadows, and the ancient spirits all a chair at my table, every part of me is invited to the party now. 

I am very grateful to Liz for introducing me to my higher self. Now that I know she's there, I can talk to her anytime I want. And I do! She always steers me in the right direction. Even if I don’t initially like what she has to say, I know it’s for my highest good. First and foremost, I listen to my intuition now, rather than my ego or my hurt.

After 8 sessions with Liz, my healing journey continues. The work is not easy. It stirs up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings, questions, and pathways. But this is good. It is the beginning. Day by day, I am claiming my power, and even though some days are absolutely exhausting, I would not trade them for the world. Because now, I am awake. Liz Randol has got it goin’ on."

Anna B, Writer, Port Townsend, WA

"Liz is a truly gifted spiritual healer, and an amazing guide. Her transformational work took me through a journey of discovery and connected me with a vision of myself living at my full potential. Her power of insight is remarkable. I highly recommend Spirit Path." 

Kate, Clean Energy Advocate, Olympia, WA

"This work was a blessing! Liz' intuitive manner made me very comfortable. The constantly drained feeling I was carrying around melted away and I re-connected with myself. Amazing changes in my relationship with my husband happened right away as a result of the work. I am now able to be 'in the present' with my children, instead of feeling the need to be miles away. I am also able to be a better nurse, which I now understand is part of my life's purpose. I recently had the courage to take the steps I need to further my career. All of this was because of the Spiritpath work."

J, R.N., Presbyterian Hospital, ABQ

"My amazing sessions taught me that I too have powerful inner visions that can give me the strength, self-trust and wisdom to navigate through life and live according to my higher self. On the three-day retreat, I learned to access and value my inner visions. Liz is a true guide, motivator, and mentor. She not only accompanied me through a universe of signs and spiritual visions, she also gave me tools to increase my mindfulness and empower myself in everyday life. In contrast to my traditional understanding of shamans, where the shaman journeys on the client's behalf, Liz opened doors for me and guided me on my own journey.

As a wounded healer herself, her wealth of experience, knowledge, and perspective made me feel truly seen and helped me see. As a gay man who has experienced abuse, addiction, and self-loathing, it was important for me to work with a queer practitioner. She helped me realize that I can let go of pain from the past and present, and heal for the future. She showed me that I can also share my healing with the world and find my purpose in the bigger picture through positive engagement, truth-telling, empowerment, and transformation."

William, writer, Berlin.

Healing the Emotional Body

“The healing work I did surprised me in terms of how powerful it was. I have experienced many different kinds of therapies, traditional and non -traditional, over the years. This work was very new for me. I saw an image of a past life from previous work I had done, and was able to take the image further - and moved it into a deeper healing. I find this to be hard and expanding work. I felt so alive afterwards! I felt a real shift! It will be interesting to see how this manifests in my life.”

Janice C., Midwife, Teacher, Santa Fe




“Liz worked with a skill, intuitiveness and sensitivity that demonstrated her competence and abilities, and was astounding in its effectiveness.”

L.M, L.C.S.W., Shrewsbury,VT




“It's like a laser cutting through layers of armoring, cutting through walls that separate us from the higher self, cutting through to the heart.“

Beth Pickford, Network Chiropractor, Maui, Sayulita and San Pancho, both in Nayarit.




“The work reconnected me to my most powerful resource and has proven to be the most important and enduring part of my healing retreat in Sayulita and San Pancho, both in Nayarit.“

Deborah Pense, Natural Dentist, Kaua'i




“My healing journey with Liz was powerful and profound. I was ready for a new depth of exploration around some lifelong issues, and Liz’s skillful stewarding helped me to safely delve into some unfamiliar inner places – places that I had previously been unable to go. She created a safe and nurturing environment for me to do the work I was ready to do. I so appreciated the way she gently led me through the process, always nudging me back to resourcing my Higher Self, where the true healing energy was coming through.


The work included an important integration of cognitive, emotional and spiritual energies, which was adeptly guided by Liz’s deep reverence and ego-less presence. Several months later, I am still working with the imagery and creativity that came through, and still feeling the healing process unfold. Thanks, Liz, for helping me give this wonderful gift to myself.”

Psychotherapist, Santa Fe




“As a physician I know all too well the limitations of drugs and certain therapies in truly addressing deep suffering from trauma. Having endured horrific life-threatening physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child, I was fortunate to have been resilient enough for many years to continue to function at a high level in professional as well as personal relationship capacities. Everything fell apart when my resilience was suddenly undermined after a devastating head injury which kept me out of work for a year. Old wounds from my childhood surfaced and I became ambivalent about remaining on the planet. Thankfully I found Liz. I truly believe she saved my life.


After working with Liz I can honestly say it is the first time in my life I have felt integrated and whole. It is now literally easier to breathe and I am free of trauma-related physical pain which had been worsening for years. This was a tremendous blessing...this work has profoundly freed me of suffering. I wholeheartedly recommend this healing work to anyone with a wounded heart.”

Physician, Massachusetts




“Liz is a wonderful, enlightened, and insightful healer to work with. She is also ethical, conscientious, and always helpful. I highly recommend this talented healer, who possesses great and rare integrity.”

War Crimes Prosecution, The Hague.




“A year and a half ago I did some deep core healing work with Liz around relationships. Her guidance helped me move out of an unhealthy living situation and into a much better place for me. I recently requested her help again. We went to the source of what had held me back financially. The early crossing of boundaries in my past resulted in a repeated cycle of low self-esteem, affecting my whole sense of worth.


Working with Liz I gained the courage and strength to create healthy boundaries with all people. I feel like my whole world has opened up and I can now create whatever I desire. Thanks Liz, you truly have a gift from God. You know how to help people crawl out of a very dark hole, up into the sunshine and joy of life! And my finances are finally flowing again.”

Shamanic Healer, Sedona, AZ (www.sedonahsunn.com




West Coast:

“Life is often a series of small steps. Sometimes the next step is only revealed once a step of faith is taken. Meeting with Liz was one of those first steps for me. With a step forward in faith, in the universe, I began to delve deeper into myself, heal the past, confront the present and manifest a future of my choosing.


One can begin to understand that we do have a choice, in each thought, feeling and action we undertake in this life. Liz is a kind and caring healer who can help you take that first step into yourself.”

Mark Proden, Oregon Winemaker/Owner, The Winery at Manzanita (thewineryatmanzanita.com)




“I found Liz by way of what seemed like a serendipitous event; however, having gone though our work together I am sure my Angels guided me to her. In our sessions, she helped me face old fears and see old experiences in a new light -- and I do emphasize light! Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, I felt some trepidation about going to a Shamanic healer. Even the word shaman conjured up dark images full of fear for me.


Spiritpath is definitely working with, in, and for Light. I was able to go back to old places where I have been stuck in fear and pain and experience them with the support of Loving Light surrounding me. Liz's presence assured me that I was safe to revisit old wounds and look for the soul lessons beneath each one. She helped me integrate parts of myself back into my Wholeness. I am grateful for this work!”

L, R.N., Mill Valley. CA.




“I totally got what I needed and wanted out of our work together and am already off and running. I wanted a tangible path forward out of my “nothingness” and I definitely got it and things are already materializing (and very quickly). When the fruit is ripe it is ripe! - yogini, Marin County

I want to thank you for the profound time that I spent with you-- I now have a source of strength to draw on when things get rough and any self doubt creeps in. In most people's lives, strange, difficult, often traumatic things can happen that are difficult to process. You can get great advice that can point you in the right direction you need to go and yet still be stuck and unable to move forward. I am forever grateful for this work.”

Patrick, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, Canada




“I met Liz in Hawaii in the year 2003. Spiritpath sounded just like what I was needing at the time, so I signed up for sessions. It made me aware of my higher self.. It really helped me with what was going on in my life at that time in terms of observing what I was doing and why things were happening as they were- and the choices that I was making for healing myself from relationship separation and healing a broken heart. I could then empower myself and move on!”

Carole Jean, Artist, Hawaii Island and Marin County, CA.




“It's been great meeting you and doing this work together--and thanks for answering all my questions- I feel that my life has been significantly changed.”

Darrol, Retired/GM, Puyallup, Washington.




Santa Fe

“Liz is a compassionate facilitator who has you do the work while showing you the process and gently guiding you as you see the pictures of your life issues flash in front of you along with the pain released from your body. I have seen great improvements in my business since doing the work! I do not often recommend someone so strongly."

Annemarie G, Real Estate Investor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Santa Fe.

"I cannot speak highly enough of this work. The sessions dealt with a huge transition I recently made back to Santa Fe and the United States, after 5 years living in New Zealand. I easily accessed my higher self and gained great clarity and confidence about taking next steps. I realized after that I had much greater trust about my life and the way things were unfolding. I’d had some fears, worries about stepping back into the work world.


After the second session, I felt greater clarity and trust about the steps I needed to take. This work served to further solidify a more positive belief in myself and the perfection of everything.”

Daryl Stanton, Designer/Consultant for Health and Sustainability. Founder and former owner of Casa Natura, Santa Fe.




“I’m noticing something occurring with me since our work. And that is a much-increased propensity for laughter. Literally laughing out loud for 3 minutes just from remembering something funny from the past, or seeing something funny on Facebook. It's increased my ability to feel joy!”

Denise Bonesteel, Journalist, Retired, Santa Fe




“My experience was potent and visceral, taking me back to other lifetimes, where I had access to information that did not come from my conscious mind. Although mostly personal information, some of it made it clear that we are living in a time of profound change that has been anticipated and prepared for going back millennia …and it is very positive! If you want to understand and experience more fully who you are, allow Liz to gently guide you on a journey you won't forget.”

Mahabba Kauffman, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Santa Fe




“Liz is a bright, shining, loving light. She held the healing space at a very high consciousness for my transformative work as we journeyed together for 3 days. My heart is lighter, both physically and metaphysically, since our connection. Her intelligent & caring Presence is a gift to all.”

Jude Byrne, InterFaith Chaplain, sound & reiki healer, Santa Fe.




“You have brought light into my very dark moments. You have restored my faith.. Thank you so much for your amazing insight~ It was exactly what I needed to hear!”

Silvia, Real Estate Broker, Santa Fe




“It is the crashing through the resistance which is so important because freedom is on the other side. The mind/ego thinks it is going to "lose" something if it goes to the place of liberation so it refuses to go - and in that perceived place of safety are the chains of the past.”

S.W, Attorney, Santa Fe




“Liz, you sweet beautiful lady! thank you for holding space for me to BE, whatever I am being! l so appreciate all of your wisdom and guidance and generosity! I feel irrepressible happiness coming! freedom, love and light!”

Soma, Santa Fe (owner, Sweetwater cafe) (sweetwatersf.com) -May all beings everywhere be happy and free-




“Liz does really good work; she helped my young son (age 20) get back on track. A work in progress!”

Liz C, Dental field, Atlanta, GA.




Spiritual Awakening & Deepening of the Path:

“I feel very light and electric, especially in the back of my skull. My heart is open and I feel pretty grounded and calm. I did a lot of journaling and reflecting earlier. My meditation practice has been reborn- and it is a more heart-centered rather than head-centered practice. I seem to have shed a lot of the exhaustion and jadedness that had accumulated before my trip to NM. I have access to my higher self and I reflected on forgiveness this morning, a very positive exercise. Thank you so much for an amazing journey.”

Danny , Attorney, Classical Musician, North Carolina




“This work takes you to "the other side"- the other side of your obstacles and fears, to a place of knowing and bliss. It took my own personal work to a deeper level (way deeper) and to a place of scarce and lovely bliss. I also had a deep spiritual experience that has jelled my own spiritual beliefs quite dramatically and movingly.”

J.S., Nonprofit Coordinator, VT




“Within a few weeks, I had powerful clarity in truly accepting and loving myself exactly as I am. As my quest is to feel connected to Spirit, I was elated by this shift. It was powerful work that stirred up a lot, in ways that traditional talk therapy doesn't for me. I am in a much stronger place than before.”

B., Journalist, Burlington, VT




“I had my first aura photo taken yesterday. very cool! In the center was a white angelic like image...Bill likened it to a strong female figure of angelic nature...that is what my higher self appeared to me as when I did my work with you! I am so at peace..It brought me to tears! ♥”

Jennie, Dental Field, Clarendon, VT


Costa Rica

"I came to Costa Rica for many reasons. One of them was to further my spiritual journey. I chose Playa Chiquita because of location, the diverse people from around the world, and the spiritual energy that comes from the ocean, rainforest and universe. I met Liz, who has not only helped me see things more clearly but to understand more about being at peace within myself and living in this crazy world."

Bruce Walker, Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures

"I was seeking something special, a journey for my mind. My intention was to expand my consciousness, to learn more about my relationship with the world -not just on a conscious level but to see if I could find my spiritual connection. As soon as I met Liz I knew I was on that path.

I had no expectations, just an open mind and followed the guidance. I have seen / learned how the many parts of my past have taken me to where I am today AND have awakened a sort of "sixth sense" that I want to be with me in the future."

Larry Forman, Financial Industry, Ft Lauderdale and Costa Rica.

"Very good experience. So happy I met Liz on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica just before she left. Now have a happy, positive, strong and confident outlook on life again. I can really recommend this to anyone. Spiritual YES, vague absolutely NOT. Thank you so much Liz. We will meet again."

Marjolein Krol, Owner, El Arbol Vacation Cottages, Costa Rica & Holland.

"This is how i felt after my time spent with you yesterday. Open, beautiful, bright, with light streaming from my eyes.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you."

Lexi Dudenhoeffer, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Asheville, North Carolina & Costa Rica

Healing the Emotional Body

Creative People:

"My sessions with Liz completely blew me away. I didn't truly know how much I needed such insight until the work started. I attained clarity and focus, both in my personal and professional lives. Liz also gave me the tools to continue my growth and fulfill my creative potential onward. I strongly recommend her work to anyone who wants to knock down barriers and live a fuller life."

Dana Beck Harder, TV Writer, novelist, NYC 

"As a healer, Liz knows when to push and when to relax. I know she is guided by her higher power when leading a session, enabling my guides and higher power to work in conjunction. The healing that resulted was nothing short of profound. I have worked with a lot of healers and shamans; she is definitely one of the best."

A., Editor/ Writer/ Filmmaker, VT

"After three days with Liz, I had released years of anger and accessed new forms of metaphysical awareness. Through compassion, insight, and spiritual bounty, Liz guided me toward a much better life."

Laura Thomas, Musician, Writer, Bay Area.

"If you're of two minds as to whether to contact Liz, for whatever reason .. don't think about it anymore, just do it! I found my time spent with Liz to be fascinating, sometimes challenging but ultimately extremely rewarding."

Sian Hughes, Graphic Designer, Wales & Costa Rica

"It was an incredible experience doing this work, which has affected me profoundly. Thank you Liz!"

Michael Babyak, Painter, Visual Artist, NYC

"I did two complete sets of sessions of the past life work. It was transformative, poetic, fascinating."

Alicia Bay Laurel, Author: Living on the Earth, Musician, Los Angeles

"It took me two months to fully appreciate the impact of the work as I was waking up out of a dense fog. Suffice it to say everything changed, and by that I mean ****Everything****."

Budd P., IT Consultant, Programmer, New Jersey & Kaua'i

Healing from Trauma/ Manifesting Abundance

"At the time, I was having money troubles. I didn’t know if I could afford the work.

But a week after the sessions ended, I received an unexpected windfall.

I was finally opening to receiving and manifesting wealth in my life, both monetary and spiritual.

This work opened me up to concentrating on the positive things in my life.

When I started the work, I was in an abusive relationship. As many women in my position know all too well, it is easy to fall back into the cycle, and I had been in one for a year. I was in a crisis when we started the healing. We sat down to talk about the issues in my life, and with the help of this work I was able to break out of the relationship in just two weeks."

Yoga student, age 19, Santa Fe, NM

"I was fortunate to work with Liz in 2011 when we met while living in Costa Rica. I knew from my childhood that I needed to go deeper and deal with this trauma that was stuck in my psyche and body. Her work was gentle and thorough, although difficult for me. I gained great insight and most importantly, some great release of the emotional pain that I had been holding in my body.

I have continued to do more deep work with other therapy, yet I know the work with her got me more connected and ready to face the years of trauma which had lodged into my being. Your journey working with her will surely be fascinating, and I recommend her as one of your spirit guides."

Dana, World Traveler, California

"Years of therapy could not accomplish what Liz did in one week.

A childhood trauma, which had manifested in my body over five decades, was cleared over the course of our work. I literally felt it in my body when, as I watched from my mind’s eye, a dark mass exploded into smithereens like so much stardust."

M, UNM staff, ABQ

"A life out of balance from buried trauma brought me to Liz's door. With her skill and commitment to see my process through, what needed healing surfaced in a way that left no doubt in my mind. I imagine the experience is different for each person, but it happened perfectly for me, thanks to Liz."

 D., Santa Fe

"I went through a life changing transformation during and after the sessions. They gave me a new insight into "The Big Picture" and allowed me to see myself and Life in a different perspective. I'll always be grateful!"

Charlotte, Retired R.N., Costa Rica

"Delving into the past, connecting with the Divine and my Higher Self was effortless with your guidance. I can feel the change coming and I am ready for it..I have been working on the Forgiveness Affirmations and have felt the shifts already."

B., HIV/AIDS NGO, Capetown, South Africa

Life Transitions

"Working with Liz was a tipping point of revelation into the truth of who I am. At first I was skeptical… ”We are going to do what?”

An inner voice said " trust" as Liz gently guided me on a journey deep within my psyche, unveiling layers of lost parts, until pieces united, like a puzzle, gifting me with an emotional freedom and understanding I had never felt before. This work enabled me to move forth into my life calling. Who could ask for anything more?
T, Acupuncturist, Santa Fe

"It enabled me to get to the core of my issues and realize in a very real sense that "I AM MY POINT OF POWER!" I now have tools that I have never had before. I am calm, centered and empowered. I am deeply grateful. I see my future more clearly. Thanks are not enough."

Claudia D, Massage Therapist, Pagosa Springs

"This work is incredibly deep and creative. I know that I am clearer, more available and lighter ....much lighter, as a result. It was exactly what I needed. Life is meant to be lived wide open with joy. The joy is with me now. I am calm in the midst of chaos. I am happy to be here on the planet. Instead of waking to worry, I wake to calm and a smile. So deeply grateful. If you get a chance, just do it."

Alice M., Alice's Tapestries,VA Beach www.alicestapestries.com

"I am feeling grounded--a lot of spontaneous tears/crying yesterday and last night, but I don’t judge it. It’s cleansing. I realize that I was judging the passion I’ve been feeling a lot these last several months, yet that very same passion is what has made everything I do so successful. Realizing that will make things flow more smoothly regardless of what sparks it. I anticipate miraculous new beginnings around the corner!"

M.L, graduate student, UNM. ABQ

San Pancho | Alternative healing

Physical Healing, Environmental Illness and Skepticism

"I must tell you how powerful this work has been for me.

I was a bit of a skeptic even though I am pretty new age oriented. I really liked your method - and hated the homework - yet find myself writing as many times as I can...I forgive...

I cannot tell you how many aspects of my life are TRULY shifting in ways I never imagined would happen. I have not had any symptoms from my illness in almost two weeks and this means I released so much. This is huge, Liz...do you know how huge this is?!"

L.C., psychotherapist, Colorado.

"My heart hurt for the first two days. My husband said it grew two sizes, like the Grinch in "When the Grinch stole Christmas"! I feel much happier, more relaxed, more playful and less serious with my children. More optimistic, and trusting about the future, knowing I can handle the changes coming my way. And my arm? the carpal - tunnel I came in with? My arm doesn't hurt anymore."

Barbara, Dental graduate student, Poultney, VT.

"When I began working with Liz, I was skeptical that I would achieve any meaningful healing through such unconventional means, as I had tried various modalities before. But Liz' intuitive and sensitive spirit helped me reach back and reconnect with parts of myself that were holding me back.


Since our sessions, I have grown tremendously and know that I will continue to advance spiritually without all of the self- judgment I previously experienced. I was able to break some of those bonds from previous lives that were restricting me and now I feel I can accomplish what I was meant to do in this lifetime."

Janice, legal system, ABQ

"I am bathing in my work with you! I feel so ALIVE! In just the few days since my sessions I've had some amazing opportunities come my way and look forward to so much more coming into my life. There's definitely a body/mind connection because my allergies are clearing up and I have energy again! Thank you for being a beautifully talented spiritual healer".

Vicki Pozzebon, Writer, Localist, Santa Fe

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