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Liz's Story

Liz Randol has been facilitating Spiritpath work since 1988 in California, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, Kaua'i and the Island of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Vermont, the Northwest, in Portland, Oregon, Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma and Port Townsend, Washington and is currently based on the West Coast of Mexico north of Puerto Vallarta (near Lo de Marcos and San Pancho). 

Liz studied political science with Howard Zinn at Boston University, psychology, women's studies and dance at Sarah Lawrence College, and psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She received her B.A. in Transformational Psychology from Evergreen State College in Washington. She was accepted as a Masters Candidate in Depth Psychology, Jungian Archetypes, at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Liz studied transcendental meditation (T.M.org) at the age of 20 while managing an Earth Shoe store in Cambridge, MA. on a break from college. This was later followed by Rebirthing/ Breathwork in California with Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr in the early 80s. 

Liz trained in the late 80s with the Deva Foundation (which came out of the light institute) in New Mexico. Techniques included clearing the emotional body, Windows to the Sky, making the connection with the Higher Self. ****Windows to the Sky**** are ancient Chinese acupressure points that access the emotional body, the Higher Self and soul memory (the Akashic Records). 

Cranio- Sacral work followed at Bliss Massage Center in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, 2011/2012 . Earlier work included traditional Shamanic work with Power Path in New Mexico, Metaphysics with Terry Cole Whitaker, and healing techniques with many other teachers, too numerous to mention. 


Much Gratitude and many blessings to all the Teachers who played a part in developing this work - especially to the Dolphins and Whales and the Mer People of Big Island.

This work is about knowing and embodying the Truth of who you are. It's about blending the personal, the spiritual and the political to embody, to be the change we need to see.

To that end, Liz has been on a path of meditation and Kundalini (Siddha yoga) for over forty years, and doing Spiritpath Shamanic work for thirty years, since 1988. 

Surrendering and learning to trust and follow the guidance of Spirit led to this work.

CONFIDENCE in the Divine- and oneself as a result - is probably the biggest benefit of the Spiritpath Work.

(Christmas Time, San Miguel De Allende, 2018. Photo credit : Mimi Haley)

Liz has participated in many sweat lodges and ceremonies and deeply honors the leadership role of the Indigenous in healing and balancing the Earth. She supports the efforts of the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota to counter the use of fossil fuels and move towards alternative/renewable energy, and all efforts by Indigenous Peoples worldwide to safeguard our Earth, Air, Water. The Indigenous have a role to play to guide the healing of the Earth, our oceans and the creatures, wild and tame, who live upon this planet - including humans.


This practice is based on the core belief that humans re- finding their connection to their wildness, to all creatures and the Earth will assist in co creating the next steps that need to be taken, together, in a common effort, as a new community composed of all sentient beings.

After college, Liz worked in San Francisco and Los Angeles in feature and documentary film editing. Writing for film as a means of transformation remains a creative passion. She is also the author of GRACE AND THE GRAIL, a screenplay on the Divine Feminine.

Searching for more after academia and Hollywood, Liz traveled in Asia in the early 90s for close to a year. Spending months in an ashram in India, north of Mumbai, she studied Kundalini and meditation practices. She spent months living and writing in Bali, learning about the Divine Feminine, and six months living and working with Spiritpath in Costa Rica.

Liz is committed to personal and planetary change. She is both a healer and a screenwriter. If you are in the film or tech industry, or in touch with venture capital looking for positive projects that change the world for the better, and your goals align with her goals, please call or email and discuss whether collaboration may be possible.

Wounded Healers and Shamans

Like many Shamanic healers, Liz came from the wounded healer tradition. She grew up in a privileged but wounded family on the East Coast, and saw in her own family of origin how real change was possible with motivation, and that awakening to awareness played a strong role in healing. She saw the important role that the 12 Step programs can play in recovery, and that qualities such as being humble, teachable and willing to listen were essential to adapting to change and thriving as a human being in a world in major flux at this time.

Victimhood and Empowerment

Along with Carolyn Myss, Liz observed how people who re -experience similar patterns (sometimes called "victims") - carried the seeds within the energetic field around them - for recreating the same experiences over and over until such time as those experiences are fully understood and integrated into awareness. 

Much like the oyster surrounds the grain of sand with the material of the pearl, once these experiences are unpacked and brought into awareness, the pearl of wisdom is there as a huge resource to draw upon in the future.

Perpetrator and Victim are roles many of us have chosen to play in this lifetime, and others. They have been known to change roles over lifetimes.The goal of this work is to bring to consciousness the scenarios of unhealed trauma playing out in the world, to cut to the heart of the dynamic of repeating patterns and assist people to remember their role as creators. And to create differently - more consciously - in the future.

No Shame, No Blame, just Evolution.

The repeating dynamic doesn't end until the precipitating event in some form comes into consciousness, and the lessons are fully assimilated. It also became clear that ideas of shame and blame, fear and control, even right and wrong were keeping people stuck in the cycle, and that forgiveness was a higher catalyst for change and healing.

But anger and pain must be released before True Forgiveness can happen. This process must take place in an organic fashion to be effective. Forgiveness cannot be placed like a bandaid over a gaping wound.

Out beyond

our ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing

there is a field.

I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is

too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other"

doesn't make sense anymore - Rumi


The Witness State: Seeing the Big Picture helps us gain a greater awareness of how things unfold as they do. Understanding how things work creates greater trust - which helps us to understand universal principles and to feel safe in this Universe.

Seeing that there is a cause and effect principle in operation can help us to be more proactive and to feel less at the mercy of forces beyond our control...

The work we do for ourselves individually has a ripple effect on others in our lives, including the creatures of the land and sea, and on the Planet.

Feeling Empowered and at Choice in our lives

The Nature of the Universe is not Random. When we can access a higher level of understanding, see ourselves and our relationships from the witness perspective, many things fall into place. We can see the larger patterns operating in our lives, and the arc of Transformation..

and everything in our world makes a whole lot more sense.

From this place it is easier to see the way forward and our direction becomes more clear.

Seeing things more clearly - including how we have held ourselves back in the past - helps us tremendously in creating more trust and ease in our lives. Working with Nature instead of Pushing the River changes the results we are able to create for ourselves. We are employing our creative energy as it was meant to be used when we work in alignment with the Universe and Nature. Recovering our power to create is a necessary step for being in balance, feeling good about ourselves and understanding who we are and our role at this time.

Spiritpath helps put you back in touch with that love, JOY and inspiration that is necessary to keep our excitement alive.. to feel centered and empowered. Often things fall apart in order to be rebuilt on a more firm foundation.. we tend to forget this when we are in the midst of that process of change.

Kundalini awakenings are happening all over the place right now... without knowledgeable assistance this can be a challenging process. If you or someone you know is waking up and maybe even "on fire", help is available.. It's time to work with the changes. Nature is trying to assist us to do what we need to do.

More About the work:

This work is Shamanic in nature —it works beyond the veil and transcends the ego mind. For this reason it can be more effective more quickly than traditional methods. It is all about establishing contact with your internal guidance system, and learning how to feel confident following it. Once you learn to recognize it, it will never lead you astray.

As great beings Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Marianne Williamson have noted at length, we believe that we are so much LESS than we are.

~We are capable of so much MORE than we even know~

If you are ready to do things differently, to be more creative, more present in your responses to life, choosing love instead of fear confidently, this work may be for you.

**Even if you think you need to be tough on yourself in order to achieve what you have achieved in life, even if you think you are imperfect, and some aspect of you is still searching for approval outside yourself, no matter what you think you have done or has been done to you, you can still take back your power, take ownership of your life, forgive the past, move on and have a great life..**

And be more present to yourself and to those you love and who love you.

Social conditioning keeps us stuck in old ways of being, generally with no awareness that we are stuck. Clearing these belief systems is an ongoing process throughout this life.

Most Disease of the body starts from within, with imbalance in the Emotional Body. Over time, it moves from the most subtle internal levels outward to the more gross physical dimensions.

We may know a lot of the answers to what bothers us on an intellectual level, but until they percolate down into the body and become integrated, it's a half baked understanding. Integrating the intellect with the heart and body are an essential part of embodying enlightenment.

This program takes about a week's time, but the connections and ripple effects - including towards others in your life - from the changes go on for months afterwards, even years, and change us on the subtle level forever.

Real change can take place instantly when we are ready and willing to let go.

The Ego likes to compare itself to others. It may even try to convince you that you are more spiritually evolved, therefore "better" than others - spiritual ego, we call this.

When you learn to recognize this competitive little kid inside of you, it will be a source of endless amusement, as it never stops trying to get on top & control you and everyone around you. As long as you can keep it in its proper place, that is..entertaining you, not running/ruining your life and relationships. He/She who can laugh at him/herself will never cease to be amused.

Seeing our choices materialize helps us understand our role as Creators and trust the Natural Laws of the Universe. Understanding how we made the choices that created our current circumstances helps us to see the law of Cause and Effect in action. Removing the Blocks to Self Worth and Receiving are essential to this process.

Spiritpath work:

Doing deep core work now can effectively release at a deeper level than ever before.

Now is the Time. Angels are waiting to support you.

The Magic and Power of the Natural World are waiting to connect with you, to assist you in finding your sense of Wonder again.. and along with that, greater happiness, trust and peace than ever before.  

Image by NEOM

Thanks to Francene Hart for her magical, visionary art.


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