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Shamanic Healing Retreat | Preparing for Plant Medicine

To keep the healing going forward, the most profound assistance comes from meditation and spending time being quiet in Nature.

Here are some resources to support your continuing growth, healing & well being.

Depression and Anxiety | Trauma release

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan

Gabor Mate

Metaphysical Anatomy: Your body is talking, are you listening?

by Evette Rose

Scared Sick: The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Disease

by Robin Karr-Morse

Judgment Detox - Gabrielle Bernstein

Witness to the Fire: Creativity and the Veil of Addiction - Linda Leonard

Many Roads, One Journey: Moving Beyond the Twelve Steps - Davis Kasl


Basic Philosophy:

Louise Hay

  • You Can Heal Your Life
    "Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back. What we think about ourselves becomes the truth. A book which has helped many people begin to understand the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection."

Heart /Brain Balance:

Brene Brown

  • Daring Greatly - (about vulnerability and strength)


Miguel Ruiz

Caroline Myss

  • Anatomy of the Spirit

  • Defy Gravity: Healing beyond the Bounds of Reason
    New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss draws from her years as a medical intuitive to show that healing is not only physical; it is also a mystical phenomenon that transcends reason.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Dr Rick Hanson

  • Buddha's Brain 

Dr Masaru Emoto

Awakening the Divine Feminine:

Marianne Williamson

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, Leonard Shlain


Melody Beattie

  • Codependent No More

  • The Language of Letting Go

  • Codependents' Guide to the Twelve Steps

  • Journey to the Heart
    This book will comfort and inspire us all as we begin to discover our true purpose in the world and learn to connect even more deeply with ourselves, the creative force, and the magic and mystery in the world around and within us.

Ann Wilson Schaef

Seixas and Youcha

Children of Alcoholism

John Bradshaw 

Healing From Childhood Abuse/Trauma:

The Body Keeps the Score - Bassel Van Der Kolk, M.D. 

Women, Sex and Addiction - Charlotte Kasl, PhD

Addiction to Perfection - Marion Woodman

The Courage to Heal - Ellen Bass and Laura Davis (Book as well as workbook)



In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts - Gabor Mate, M.D.

Neuroplasticity Of The Brain

Bruce Lipton:

  • Biology of Belief

  • The Honeymoon Effect

Lynn McTaggart

  • The Field

  • The Intention Experiment

Gregg Braden

  • Divine Matrix

  • Walking Between the Worlds

  • The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Healing The Wounded Child Within

Alice Miller

  • The Drama of the Gifted Child


Colin Tipping

  • Radical Forgiveness


The Mindful Way Through Depression - Williams, Teasdale, Seagal, Jon Kabat


Eckhart Tolle

Sandra Ingerman

  • How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal transformation

    Ingerman offers strategies for processing the harmful thoughts and emotions that hit us throughout our day. Instead of sending and receiving lethal energy, you will learn, through meditations, visualizations, and other exercises, how to radiate positive thoughts and shield yourself from those that are destructive.

Marshall Rosenberg

  • Nonviolent Communication

    This is a great book about creating peace in our world.

Byron Katie

  • Who Would you Be Without Your Story?

  • Loving What is: Four Questions that can Change Your Life.

Opening to Abundance:

Using your brain to create the life you want!

Shakti Gawain

  • Living in the Light

  • Creative Visualization

    "Living In The Light is very powerful...it can transform your life." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Esther Hicks

  • Ask and it is Given

  • Manifest your Desires

  • The Law of Attraction



On Relationships & Living With Passion

Happy Me, Happy You: The Huna Way to Healthy Relationships

by Serge Kahili King

Kenny & Julia LogginsThe Unimaginable Life

What if the experience of falling in love didn't have to end? What if love never died? And what if it could happen to you?

Margo AnandThe Art of Everyday Ecstasy

Margot Anand is the author of "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic," and "Sexual Ecstasy".

Sondra Ray

Essays on Creating Sacred Relationships

Pele's Wish: Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life.

The wisdom and spirituality of Hawaiian elders is a facet of Hawaiian culture that outsiders rarely see or truly understand...The ancient rituals and basic tenets of the Huna way - loving oneself, nurturing other beings and the land, and living in harmony with all of life - provide a powerful code of transformation, leading to a deeper spiritual life more in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.


Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness - Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson

"This powerful book about the Dark Goddess is a rich and intimate exploration that brings together history, mythology, psychology, and religion. The authors have written a seed text that is wise, vigorous, and revelatory."—Joan Halifax, author of The Fruitful Darkness

My favorite book for this moment: 

The Great Human Potential, WALKING IN ONE'S OWN LIGHT - Tom Kenyon and Wendy Kennedy

"Earth represents a remarkable experiment where genetic material from thousands of worlds was deposited. Along with this genetic material, all of the emotional coding and experiences of these planets and species was left, laying the ground for "The Grand Experiment". There are other timelines in which this experiment is not succeeding. But you, the version with which we are having this conversation, are successful and, hence, you are going through the ascension process."

Shamanism, Reincarnation, the Causal Plane

Medicine for the Earth - Sharon Ingermann

The way of the Shaman - Michael Harner

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy - Mircea Eliade

Many Lives, Many Masters - Brian Weiss, P.H.D

Life after Life - Raymond Moody

The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You - Dorothy Bryant

Magic- Rhonda Byne

Mutant Message - Marlo Morgan

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Addiction and Sobriety:

A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps: The Classic Guide for All People in the Process of Recovery - Patrick J. Carnes Ph.D.

Tian Dayton

Academia Weighs in

Civilization and its Discontents - Sigmund Freud

C.G. Jung

  • The Red Book

  • Man and His Symbols

  • Memories, Dreams and Reflections

More on the Divine Feminine

Riane Eisler

  • The Chalice and the Blade

    The Chalice and the Blade is one of those magnificent key books that can transform us and...initiate fundamental changes in the world. With the most passionate eloquence, Riane Eisler proves that the dream of peace is not an impossible utopia. - Isabelle Allende




  • The Fifth Sacred Thing

  • The Spiral Dance

  • Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery

  • Dreaming the Dark, Magic, Sex and Politics

    ...A message of hope and optimism, for Starhawk shares not only a vision but tools for personal empowerment, the building of community, and the transformation of culture. A thought-provoking book that is a pleasure to read. - Carol Haber, New Directions for Women

Goddesses in Everywoman - Jean Shinoda Bolen

The Language of the Goddess - Marija Gimbutas & Joseph Campbell

The Living Goddesses - Marija Gimbutas and Miriam Robbins Dexter

When God was a Woman - Merlin Stone

Intimate Nature: Bond Between Women and Animals - Linda Hogan


The Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene

Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna - China Galland

Galland's fascination with Tara, the female Buddha of Tibetan tradition, and Kali, the black Hindu goddess, led her from India to Switzerland and Poland on a search for other black images of divinity.

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar - Margaret Starbird

Meditation, Kundalini and Chakras

Swami Muktananda

Dolphins & Dolphin Healing:



YouTube Link


Yoga For Depression and Anxiety

Link to purchase DVD


I AM - A documentary by Tom Shadyac

What The BLEEP Do We Know?

THE SECRET (or buy the book)


RESURRECTION starring Ellen Burstyn (Netflix or Blockbuster)



Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves,

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not help the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are born to manifest the Glory of God that is within us.

It is not just in some of us ; it is in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our presence automatically liberates others.

Nelson Mandela - Inauguration Speech 1994

also Marianne Williamson ( A Woman's Worth)

Whenever you find yourself triggered. When your emotional world is on fire and you are hooked into shame, blame, and rage. When you notice you are practicing self-aggression, spiraling into addictive behavior, or complaining about your life… slow way down. Return into the aliveness of your body and listen. For you need yourself now more than ever.

Something is attempting to break through, out of the murky darkness and into conscious awareness. Some unmet feeling, some abandoned aspect of yourself, some underlying state of vulnerability. What is it? What is knocking on the door of your heart, longing to be allowed back into the crucible of integration? When you were a little one it was intelligent to split off from overwhelming experience and aspects of yourself that you could not metabolize at the time. But these pieces are looking for you. They come as emissaries of revelation and carriers of an untamed wisdom. As ambassadors of the somatic world, they serve as gatekeepers of portals into aliveness, connection, and intimacy with all things.

Whether you choose to provide a home for these ones – or you do not – they will never relinquish their search, and will continue to appear as your friends, your children, your emotions, your lovers, and your life circumstances. They will even come in disguise as the orange, the blue, and the yellow, to remind you of something you may have forgotten.

Look carefully as your unlived life is always appearing before you.

Matt Licata


The little child whispered, "God, speak to me"

And a meadowlark sang.

But the child did not hear.

So the child yelled, "God, speak to me!"

And the thunder rolled across the sky

But the child did not listen.


The child looked around and said, "God let me see you"

And a star shone brightly

But the child did not notice.

And the child shouted, "God show me a miracle!"

And a life was born

But the child did not know.


So the child cried out in despair,

"Touch me God, and let me know you are here!"

Whereupon God reached down and touched the child.

But the child brushed the butterfly away

And walked away unknowingly.


(Often times, the things we seek are right underneath our noses.

Don't miss out on your blessing because it isn't packaged the way you expected.)


(Translated directly from the Aramaic into English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English)


O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration!

Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.

Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth-power and fulfillment, as all is gathered and made whole once again.


Preparing for Plant Medicine: Exploring the Depths of Inner Healing

Welcome to SpiritPath Healing's resources section, where we embark on self-discovery and inner healing. In plant medicine, preparation is critical – not just in terms of physical readiness but also in nurturing the right mindset and spiritual openness.


Embracing Vulnerability and Authenticity

It's not about what you do for a living but rather what stirs your soul. At SpiritPath, we delve into the depths of your aspirations, daring to dream alongside you as you seek to meet the longings of your heart. We believe in risking vulnerability for the sake of love, dreams, and the sheer adventure of being alive.


Navigating Life's Complexities

In the realm of inner exploration, age holds no dominion. What truly matters is your willingness to confront life's complexities head-on. Have you touched the depths of your sorrow or allowed life's betrayals to open you up? Our journey together involves sitting with pain, embracing joy, and dancing with wild abandon, regardless of planetary alignments or societal expectations.


Cultivating Trust and Integrity

Can you be true to yourself, even if it means disappointing others? At SpiritPath, we value integrity above all else. We explore the essence of faithfulness and trustworthiness, and we challenge you to see beauty in every moment – even amidst failure and disappointment.


Standing Firm in the Face of Adversity

Life's challenges don't define us; rather, it's how we choose to respond to them that shapes our character. Can you rise after a night of grief and despair and tend to what needs to be done for the sake of the next generation? At SpiritPath, we stand together in the midst of the fire, unafraid to confront the trials that come our way.


Nourishing the Soul from Within

Ultimately, our journey is about discovering what sustains us from the inside out. Whether through solitude or companionship, can you find contentment in the company you keep, even in the quiet moments of introspection?


Mother of the Light, may you reign as a Goddess of Wisdom within my soul. Be present for me now and in every moment of eternity. Take my hand and lead me to the Birthing Light of God within me,for there shall I find my purpose in life revealed. Mother, greet me at the door,embrace me in your loving countenance and smile gently upon me. As your lost child, give me assurance that your grace is with me always. All streams spring from the font of your heart. Your eyes shine as the blue sea into my heart, and you forever find me worthy of your love. In the spirit of this revelation, I offer to reveal myself fully to you,who is my Divine Feminine being, at all times and in all ways. Amen.

Other Links of Interest:

If you are wondering about Shamanism and what it might mean, check this out : Ten Signs you're a Shaman and don't know it

Movie about dolphins and whales from my friend Joan Ocean with whom I used to swim with Wild Dolphins in the bays off Big Island.

Places and Sites we like:

Olympia Area:



Port Townsend:


  • Francenehart.com - Amazing visionary art with an island/dolphin theme

  • Skea.org - Art classes and wonderful pottery from South Kona artists. (Big Island)

  • Volcanogardenarts.com - Beautiful art and classes, gardens, trails and greenhouses in Volcano, Big Island.

  • Volcano Rainforest Retreats - Beautiful bed and breakfast and Vipassana retreats near Volcano Village.

Costa Rica:

  • Elarbolcostarica.com- For all of you that would like to experience the Caribbean Costa Rican rainforest - vacation cottages.

  • Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures - Feel and experience the energy of the Caribbean ocean and rainforest on horse back.

  • Om Yoga - Wonderful massage and yoga classes as well as a great inexpensive place to stay across from Cocles beach

  • Bliss Massage - Dan & his Cranial sacral work of the Gods! 

Deep Healing Work
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