Welcome to the Spiritpath Transformational Healing Website! 
I am so happy you are here. This work has been my life's joy - spreading the deep healing - and watching the transformation towards real happiness-  has given me so much satisfaction and been so rewarding for me over the thirty some years 
I have been practicing this work. 

My name is Liz Randol and I have been working with Shamanic techniques, including past life regression, soul retrieval and trauma release work... assisting Wounded Healers since 1988. 

Please consider the possibility that you did not find this site by accident ...I urge you to explore it fully and find out how this work might be the right thing to assist you at this time - as it has assisted  more than a thousand seekers 
in the past decades

Most of the unhappiness we experience as adults has to do with stored trauma in the body- from present time, childhood or even past lifetimes. In order to live at our full potential, it is necessary to clear this trauma at the deepest level of body/mind/spirit. 
We work at the level of Epigenetics,  both intergenerational patterns and present time trauma release at the the DNA level, with Breathwork (from the Rebirthers), Acupressure points (the Windows to the Sky from the Deva Foundation and the Light Institute) and Cranio Sacral points for relaxation.

 Spiritpath Techniques are able to make fundamental changes at the level of body/mind/spirit effectively in a short period of time. This work is based on the work of Louise Hay in healing and preventing illnesses by working with the thoughts we are running in the unconscious mind, and Gabor Mate's work on the connection between trauma and addiction and Intergenerational Patterns of Abuse/Trauma. (for more information see his book IN THE REALM OF HUNGRY GHOSTS).

Learning to Listen and developing your relationship with 
your own inner healer can put you on a lifelong path 
to healing ... to inner peace, and even real happiness.

We see powerful and long lasting results from this work which uses a combination of techniques to achieve life changing freedom from old patterns and socialization/programming. Isnt it time you found out who you REALLY are? underneath the messages from the authority figures in your life?

I wanted to tell you how much I value your approach. I imagine you either don't concern yourself with what you call it or have a special name for it; to me it is very respectful of the individual's Higher Self. You do not intrude in that or do any leading.  When I worked with clients, especially adult clients, my approach was to encourage them to trust what was "deep within." I am sure I was influenced by Carl Rogers' non-directive therapy... 
You showed me that my most essential and important "work" must be done within and from guidance provided by my Higher Self. You instilled in me the confidence that I can rely on my Higher Self as exemplified by that magnificent and profound inner landscape of spiritual supports. The image of my path, my Power Animals,my angel, etc., is such a priceless, incredible gift. Thank you for being in my life!!!! 
 -- Dan, psychology professor, Seattle

Shamanic work: This is the deep work you have heard about, but rather than being scary, it's liberating.. and sometimes even 
fun and humorous, as that is the nature of your Higher Self, 
the One who changes perspective and lightens things up.  
All the challenges look different when your point of view expands
- and when you are able to release the old turmoil at the deeper energetic level..
Change is possible. Change at the level of DNA encoded patterns. Epigenetics..Neuroplasticity - releasing Intergenerational patterns.  It's time to heal them once and for all..we can't be dragging that old stuff into the new world we are creating..

Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, I felt some trepidation about going to a Shamanic healer.  Even the word "shaman" conjured up dark images full of fear for me. Spiritpath is definitely working with, in, and for Light. I was able to go back to old places where I have been stuck in fear and pain and experience them with the support of Loving Light surrounding me. Liz's presence assured me that I was safe to revisit old wounds and look for the soul lessons beneath each one. She helped me integrate parts of myself back into my Wholeness. I am grateful for this work! - Linda, R.N., Mill Valley, CA 

 Have you been looking forward to resolving some of the Great Mysteries for yourself? Or perhaps just sorting out the pieces, identifying and and releasing the repeating patterns that keep 
getting in the way of your happiness..

Is there someone in you who knows deep down that nothing is random.. that when you go deep into that place where we are all one, somewhere, from that perspective, it all makes sense? That all of the difficulties, the confusion will ease when you finally get in touch with what is behind the scenes causing it? 

It can be very liberating to see the Man behind the Curtain.
Would you like to be a master creator of your world, 
rather than  at the effect of other people's actions and 
your internalized conditioning- your LIMITING THOUGHTS about yourself held at the unconscious level, holding you back..?

Want to unravel the trauma - even intergenerational trauma- and finally unhook its effects on your life from the deepest level - 
the level of DNA? You don't have to pass this on 
to the next generation.

After meeting with Liz, I was quite inspired to harness the power of manifestation. I am in my mid- twenties so money is tight, but for me, a sense of well being is a top priority and so I was drawn to having  this experience. Liz assured me we could make it work and I am so grateful it did! I let go of so much and cleared some past life karma which has since allowed me to move forward with my life, no longer hindered by the kind of negative thought meditations or insecurities I was having before the work. I feel that my prayers are much more potent and everything I do with intention has much more fluid purpose. I am now comfortable with who I am without that sense of urgency to be something "more".  I feel like I let go of pressure that wasn't even mine but from past life trauma; it's so liberating to just be here now as I am. 
If you are open minded and hearted, looking to resolve some deep seated and hidden shadow emotions I strongly recommend this experience; however I also urge you to not go in with too many expectations on how the results will manifest, for that is the magic of the unfolding. Cheers to a higher vibration of you! - Sam, musician, Port Townsend 

Liz, I just wanted you to know that I think about you often and I sing your praises to all my friends. Your shamanic practice showed me a self-directed path to healing that I was maybe not ready or able to fully embrace in the months we spent together. But it left such a lasting impression. I guess I've got that stubbornness bug when it comes to accepting I'm worth it – you know what I mean. After all, you're my healer and you always will be. I have to think on you and the empowerment you showed me. If it weren't for you, I would have never gone to AA. I've found an LGBTQI AA group in Berlin and I'm full of optimism that it will help me overcome. I feel like I'm ready to "pop", as you always said. And you inspired me to balance my masculine and feminine energy. Thank you. So much. And know that you set me on a process of healing that I would not have otherwise found. In these trying times I have felt visited and protected by your spirit. - William, Writer and Artist, Berlin

Interested in  healing intergenerational patterns of trauma, abuse, addiction at the DNA/Epigenetic level? Or getting closer to your inner guidance in these challenging times?
Call 505-204-0452 or email for a free consultation on this life changing work.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your 
one Wild and Precious Life? 
- Mary Oliver

Would you like to be in closer connection with 
the part of you that makes your best decisions?

Things are changing quickly in our lives.. it's been an unsettling time for many. For some of us it's been challenging at times to feel grounded enough to make the right decisions, from our highest level of awareness, from our wisest and most balanced self. Trusting that inner guide and opening up deeply to its guidance can make all the difference in feeling happy and safe.

When we can reconnect with our internal healer, the wise one inside -the Higher Self- new solutions and ways of looking at things may present as possibilities we had not considered.

I came to Liz during my Saturn return and at a turning point in my career. I had this instinct that I followed that led me to her work. I was wanting to clear anything holding me back from stepping more into my worth, power and dreams for how I wanted to be living my life. I'm so glad I trusted those instincts. Liz has a truly wonderful energy - she is deeply considerate and a very intuitive, and wise healer. Since taking a beautiful journey with her, I feel very clear about my path - things feel light these days and my dreams just seem to continue unfolding for me. So much gratitude for the work she shares w our world!! 
- Saige Leah, Hypnotherapist, Port Townsend, Washington.

We have to Drop some old ideas to let in the New. 
Shamanic work is all about changing perspectives..and getting beyond the socialized ideas that can make life feel so narrow - and our choices so artificially limited - that it can feel hopeless. Dropping these old thoughts may be key to seeing new, creative ideas - the solutions that we were looking for. Solutions we didn't even know were there.. hiding in plain sight.. we need a new mind to come up with the new creative thoughts that are called for now.

An open mind that is choosing to open to the wisdom and assistance that is out there, waiting for us to ask for help .. this open mind, willing to receive, can free up consciousness and give us so much more energy, power, and peace. And happiness often results from this willingness to receive - from our power animals, our guides and the Higher Self.

Two options for healing the past and 
removing obstacles from your life today. 
Empowerment means resolving, 
releasing and moving forward from a stronger place. 

1) Intuitive Life Coaching
2) three day retreat to release the past.

Spiritpath Retreats work to release any obstacles in the way of the happy, peaceful, abundant life you deserve to be living. 
This is done with a unique process that gets to those obstacles, usually hidden in the unconscious mind, unpacks them, 
and resolves them.. so you can move on. 

The cave you fear to enter holds the Treasure you seek.  
- Joseph Campbell

Shamanic work sees each human as a whole being, a work in progress, body, mind, spirit and emotions, and deals in a holistic way with illness and discomfort, assisting in creating  integrity/ integration for the whole being, as well as moving past the "problem" into the solution. 

Tired of shadows from the past coming up? Sometimes issues you  thought you resolved long ago may be interfering with important parts of your life..such as your happiness and peace of mind in the here and now. Perhaps present time events are bringing up the past to be healed. This is happening for a reason. 

SOUL RETRIEVAL: Guided shamanic journeying can bring forth events - from this of past lifetimes, events we may have forgotten, even traumatic ones we may think we have processed, that are affecting us now, calling out to be healed at a deeper level, in such a way that they can be more deeply released. 

There is OFTEN GREAT WISDOM in these "issues" and events, and when we unpack them, we benefit greatly. 

I feel pretty vibrant! Still a work in progress, of course, but much more confident. 
I'm very interested in the Feminine Principle after our work and definitely in the stages of learning self forgiveness. Ready for more adventure! 
Dorothy, R.N., ABQ, NM (looking forward to my adult son doing this work!)

Often when we are young - and older too - we may go through  events that we are unable to handle, so we just freeze. We may shut down and trap the experience, and block the flow in our bodies and our entire beings. We may leave parts of ourselves behind in early childhood, or even other lifetimes. Soul retrieval brings these events back and deals with them skillfully so they no longer haunt us through dreams and events that feel "out of the blue".

Even ancestral trauma from the history of the human race is stored in our DNA - in a very real way we are still living with our collective past. 

When we block the flow this way, we are also blocking joy, ease, grace, abundance, many of the good things we want in our lives. 
Many people, women in particular, and often minorities and young working people, may have worthiness blocks that keep them from charging what they are worth, receiving, feeling deserving etc. These come from old roots, and it's time to clear them. It's an abundant Universe and you are deserving as a child of that Universe. 

When you shut down emotion, you're also affecting your immune system, your nervous system. So the repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on. - Gabor Mate. (Author: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts,& When The Body says No)

The work included an important integration of cognitive, emotional and spiritual energies, which was adeptly guided by Liz’s deep reverence and ego-less presence. Several months later, I am still working with the imagery and creativity that came through.  
Thanks, Liz, for helping me give this wonderful gift to myself. 
-Psychotherapist, Santa Fe 

Preventive Health Care. 
This is the approach Spiritpath uses to heal at the level of body/mind and spirit. Free repressed emotion and bring the material from the unconscious back into the conscious mind where you can deal with it effectively. When this happens, 
more peace and balance result. Releasing Stress is now recognized as an important means of preventing illness.

Louise Hay's book You can Heal your Life is also a great introduction to these concepts. You are NOT your ancestral patterns. You can transcend them, with the right assistance.

Wanting to resolve the issues that are coming up without resorting to powerful drugs? Understanding the issues is only half the battle. Real change necessarily involves enlisting the aid of the whole being, the body and spirit, as well as the conscious mind.

A few videos and a podcast about the work:

Just for fun: 
do we believe in ghosts, people sometimes ask? 
the answer is in the end of this podcast: 

Feeling Stuck? Are Anxiety and fears about the future, anger at self or others, and/or old, unprocessed grief and loss getting in the way of being present for yourself - and those you love? Accessing buried memories from this or other lifetimes and releasing the hold of the past may be the key to setting you free. 

Your Higher Self holds the answers you need. You are a divine being, and you have a direct connection to Source. 
Together we can remove the obstacles and put you back in touch with your greatest ally and support. We all need that contact to be at our best right now. A lot of flexibility and openness to receive help may be called for.

When you take off the blinders of social conditioning, many things are possible. Shamanic body/mind/spirit work shifts your perspective to that of your soul - your own inner knowing. 
Shifting perspective frees up everything, opens up the flow of your own bliss, your creativity, your joy.. Imagine more peace of mind, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

A whole new life is calling your name. 

Shamanic  Spiritpath Transformational Healing

Liz Randol, Facilitator

It's time for that Paradigm Shift 
we've been hearing about for so long. 

Two Options:
(please ask about local fees)

1) Intuitive Life Coaching - Let's talk about what's going on and see what emerges in terms of possible solutions, and/or other paths to follow.

And The Ultimate Shift Catalyst- the Three Day Retreat:
2) Healing from the Inside Out with Shamanic Breathwork, Body/Mind/Spirit work in the Trance State with Acupressure and Cranio Sacral work.

- A Three Day Retreat- 3 hrs a day for 3 days in a row. 
Ten Hours in a week's time. Get ready to see real results now. Real change for the better in your life.When we heal from the inside out, the ripple effect touches all those in our world. 

-Spiritpath works ONLINE as well as in person. Fees must be paid in advance before the work begins.

- No Refunds for fees once paid, although work can be rescheduled

- Call Liz for a consultation - 505-204-0452 (Complimentary)

  • Sliding scale is available. Please ask if you need it.
  • A Deposit of at least 50% is required to begin the work. 
  • All financial arrangements to be settled before the work begins.
  • No refunds, but sessions can be rescheduled due to the vicissitudes of life. 
  • Payment plans are available - please ask at your consultation.
  • Spiritpath accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

Important Note:  

You must be at least a week off cannabis (CBDs for medicinal purposes we can talk about) and  ***titrated down (under a doctor's guidance) **** from antidepressants or other psych meds to do this work. Serious painkillers may also block this delicate work. 

****If you are on powerful psych medications this work  may not be appropriate for you.****  We are happy to discuss this in consultation with your psychiatric practitioner.

In a week's time, after this individual retreat, life can look completely different. When we remember how to listen to our own internal guidance system, instead of everyone else telling us how to do it, we open the channels so you can hear it, clearly.

The day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin

If you don't bring forth what is inside you, what you don't bring forth will destroy you. 
- Jesus of Nazareth

Shamanic healing is a spiritual method of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. - Sandra Ingerman

Healing ourselves, Healing the Planet

There is nothing more empowering than truly loving yourself. 

For you. For the World. Opening the Heart to Agape Love. 
Merging the intelligence of the brain and the heart.

What does it mean to truly love ourselves? We will be talking about healing our issues, family karma, intergenerational patterns, and how that is important in healing the world. 

When we begin to heal at the deepest level, we begin to understand how all life is related. Not just at the intellectual level, but we begin to GET IT viscerally. To integrate it into our whole being.

Liz’s work is amazing and totally worth doing if one cares at all about their spiritual health.  I did the work 5 months ago and knew then that profound understandings had happened. Life has continued and, being aware that I am now more fully on my path, I am seeing the depths to which the work has reached in me. 
Fear is disappearing and joy is rising up in my life. Liz’s guidance helped me clear traumas from before and after birth as well as the choices I made in the past because of those traumas. Integration is the key word for this work and I highly recommend it.
- H., Artist, Retired Teacher, Seattle.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Our work right now is to learn to surf the waves of change in this particular lifetime. To stay in our hearts and begin the process of healing the world from the Inside Out.

Spiritpath opens up the heart, and combines its intelligence with that of the brain, so we can think more as the whole human being, more grounded in body wisdom, more holistically, as we were meant to. It also EMPOWERS the whole being with the re- energized flow of the chakras and life force intelligence through the body.

Body/Mind/Spirit work is very effective with a number of forms of PTSD.

Things have been going great! I feel a lot more balanced and have more energy! 
I'm not panicking at night anymore! I do notice that I react to certain things, but it's out of habit. So I'm working on changing those habits. I notice now how self - critical I've been, working on changing that, reframing it. After our sessions I could feel that I let my guard down with my husband and he said he noticed it also. I feel more patient and relaxed with my children. One last thing, I went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. It went really well. I actually really enjoyed being around her. I definitely noticed that I didn't have my guard up.  Thank you for everything you did for me!!!  - L, Stay at home Mom, Portland 

As a physician I know all too well the limitations of drugs and certain therapies in truly addressing deep suffering from trauma. Having endured horrific, life-threatening physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child, I was fortunate to have been resilient enough for many years to continue to function at a high level in professional as well as personal relationship capacities.
Everything fell apart when my resilience was suddenly undermined after a devastating head injury which kept me out of work for a year. Old wounds from my childhood surfaced and I became ambivalent about remaining on the planet. Thankfully I found Liz. I truly believe she saved my life.  - Physician, Massachusetts
Spiritpath has been compared with Plant Medicine - without the plants. No outside agents are necessary for this transformation - you carry your connection to Earth, Nature and the Divine inside your own being. It just needs to be hooked up, the wiring. Together in this process we get the download directly.  
It's all there - in your DNA. You got this. 
Or rather your Higher Self does. And yes, everyone has one.

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. - Joseph Campbell

 Change in perspective is the first step towards True Freedom.

Another world is not only possible. She is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear Her breathing. 
-  Arundhati Roy

Call to schedule a free one hour consultation.
 505- 204-0452. or email lizdragon2002 at gmail dot com.

Learn to access true freedom, beyond all the mental and cultural conditioning, even in the midst of health, relationship, or financial challenges - as we go through the birthing of a whole new world.

Essential Elements of the work: 

Acupressure, Breathwork and Cranio sacral work are the key modalities we use. These modalities access the Dreamworld, from which deeper understandings, and even miracle healings are possible. A number of therapists, Jungians and others, have enjoyed this work and benefited greatly.
You have the answers to the questions- inside of you. It's time to be more discerning, and learn how to listen to a higher authority. It's a matter of accessing your inner wisdom and receiving those answers, with skilled assistance of a shamanic healer who is comfortable walking between the worlds.

Expect to see real change..a shift in yourself, your relationships and how you approach life. Opening up to a higher level of creative expression, of unity with your Natural Self.

All these things and more are possible when you open to the Inner Muse. More love, more joy, more peace = Grace in action.

Trusting your healer and the process 
is the most important indicator of success. 

Email Liz to schedule a free consultation. 

Learn how this work can make the difference between living a truly happy, inspired life, and just existing. 
Once you feel what it's like to be really turned on and excited by what's inside of you, your own magical being, you'll never want to go back.

The journey we took was transformative. It was what I needed to reconnect with a part of myself that was lost. Walking at night in the past month I have seen two owls and two shooting stars...the Goddess is speaking and I am listening. 
- B., therapist, Olympia

If you allow your powerful allies to guide you, allow yourself to draw on their strength and support and the love they have for you, you can move through these extremely challenging times with ease, balance, grace - even joy! 

I went from the AMA to two expensive nutritionists (not covered by Medicare), through a myriad of lab work, trying to get a diagnosis with my growing list of symptoms. 
After reading Hank Wesselman, I finally threw my hands up and yelled "I need a shaman!" The next day I saw Liz' ad in the paper.
I lived in Mexico for decades, in Port Townsend for many years, and have done much spiritual and shamanic work in the past, but none like this. Blood labs indicated an auto immune disease, but after doing the Spiritpath work, the labs showed NO auto immune disease. I still have symptoms, but after this work I believe I will continue to improve. I have let go of the fear and reconnected to a lost part of myself. Coming from a dysfunctional family, I had carried the pain of my family members. I was able to release these burdens and receive the healing. Liz worked with me on the financial aspect, which was most appreciated. I recommend this for anyone seeking answers, healing, and to feel safe dealing with the past. 
- Barbara, musician, dancer, Port Townsend, WA

-Together we explore your personal beliefs, blocks, history, first in a questionnaire, then in the "trance" state" on the massage table. This is really a superconscious state.. you are fully awake and aware of what is going on.
-What happens after that is the magic, unique to you. Your higher self will tell you the stories you need to hear to better understand who you are at a soul level -and what your mission is at this time.
-Three hours a day, three days in a row, with a one hour after session. Homework, too. 


-Please have  a journal or notebook to rewrite - word for word, adding in more if it comes to you-  the notes  from your session.. and bring both versions back in the next day. 

-Please have apple cider vinegar on hand to use for cleansing purposes. ONE CUP in a bath or shower after EACH SESSION.

-Drink Lots of Water.

-Plan on reducing your social life and work and community obligations to the absolute minimum during this special time, as you may want to be spending a lot of time in Nature and quiet, absorbing all you are learning.


The work will continue ripening for 6 - 8 weeks. 
Don't be dismayed if emotions are still stirred up, initially. 
Most things will resolve themselves pretty quickly, with your new trust and awareness. 
Please continue to record your dreams, and check back in when you like.. we love to hear how it's going!


One thing that will help the work to integrate is a regular practice of Meditation. We recommend Transcendental Meditation, which has been in the US for a long time, and has many scientific studies to back up its positive results.

It may be necessary to do more work once the sessions are over, and/or I may refer you to other practitioners to continue what we have started, if necessary. The healing journey continues!

Are you a young person trying to figure  out this confusing world you have chosen to be born into? Wondering why this time, these parents, this situation? Answers are available to help sort it out.

Do you have one of those "unusual " illnesses?
Have the doctors let you know they have nothing else to do for you? Maybe it is time to look deeper for the origin. 

The never ending quest for "peace of mind" and "real happiness"  never truly felt attainable until I met Liz...I still feel the unfolding of the transformation that is taking place in my ability to give and receive love, not be dominated by ego, and accept the range of emotions we as human beings experience with peace and acceptance. Everything I need to feel happiness and peace is appearing, due to the openness of my heart... Due to my work with Liz, I accepted a full-time job, and have been adjusting to that. Lots of good growth has been occurring. 
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to do this work! 
- Lisa, Special Ed Teacher, Masters in Counseling student, Colorado Springs

At Spiritpath we believe only the strongest souls have chosen to take on severe trauma in this lifetime, to burn through it for humanity's evolution. Spirit can help release and integrate this experience for the wounded healers who have much to impart to the rest of us. We bow in gratitude for their service. This work shines a light on this path and the way forward.. 

In turbulent times, we need our inner allies on board. 
More Light coming in means more light on old traumas that need to be more completely resolved and integrated. Peeling the onion...There is wisdom there.. and empowerment on the other side.

Chaos = Opportunity. (I Ching) 

May you Live in Interesting Times - Chinese Curse. 
Interesting times can be an amazing opportunity.. in the right hands, with the right approach. with a larger perspective.

Life is often a series of small steps.  Sometimes the next step is only revealed once a step of faith is taken. Meeting with Liz was one of those first steps for me. With a step forward in faith, in the universe, I began to delve deeper into myself, heal the past, confront the present and manifest a future of my choosing.  
One can begin to understand that we do have a choice, in each thought, feeling and action we undertake in this life. Liz is a kind and caring healer who can help you take that first step into yourself. - Mark Proden, Oregon Winemaker/Owner, 
The Winery at Manzanita   www.thewineryatmanzanita.com 

I totally got what I needed and wanted out of our work together and am already off and running. Everything I was looking for is materializing (and very quickly). When the fruit is ripe it is ripe! - Entrepreneur, yogini, Marin County

                It's a Revolution from the Heart of Nature.

                                When you take the time to do deep healing,
 the freedom that results touches every part of your life, 
and the powerful ripple effect reaches those 
around you in your world.

happiness, past lives

Move past feeling stuck, begin the process of releasing the residue of trauma - both present and past - Limiting intergenerational patterns from family and culture. This is healing at the deepest level. 

Have you ever imagined living in a state of Bliss? 
Or that it could even be possible?

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. 
Maybe it's unbecoming everything that isn't you 
so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.

butterfly, transformation

Many people experience increased ability to manifest creatively on all planes, including the financial plane from this work. When we can TRULY release the past, and forgive ourselves and others, we open up more fully to the flow of joy, abundance, well being, inner peace. 

Now is the time to clear out the mental clutter and move forward from a more clear and empowered place. The Earth, the Planet, Pachamama needs our help more than ever, right Now.

Shamanic Tools are available to help you
keep your heart open during challenging times- so that you have the  strength you need to cut through  the illusion and 
stay on track with your soul purpose - 
the reason you are here on the planet at this time. 

While we often work in concert with other therapists, this is not psychology; it is Shamanic work, which goes beyond 3rd dimensional  reality to the place of ultimate truth. 

Liz Randol holds individual healing retreats in her office in Port Townsend, serving Seattle, Poulsbo, Sequim, Port Angeles and Olympia, Washington, and occasionally Portland,Oregon. Sessions are available on line as well, when appropriate.

Liz has practiced Spiritpath work Internationally  since 1988.

Each one of us has a reason to be here right now-
a role to play in the great Changes.
Aren't you curious?

peace, beauty, balance, prosperity,

Cutting through your conditioning to the Truth of the Being that you are - this is what Spiritpath can do for you. Taking off the blinders you don't even know are on.

The Higher Self shows you the best path to take from this point on.

Becoming a Free and 
Human Being is the 
ultimate aim of this work

natural beauty

Just as love brings profound healing to our relationships, understanding brings a lessening of fear. As we let go of fears, the obstacles to love disappear, and love flows freely within, and between, and among us. - Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters)

Every Addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to - Alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person - you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain. - Eckhardt Tolle.

Spiritpath works with addiction from the point of view of Attachment disorders and Jungian archetypal shadow work. It works best for  addicts who are actively working with 12 step programs. 

This work is also very helpful to those who have been sober awhile and wish to go deeper with their spiritual journey.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts  by Gabor Mate is a valuable examination of the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction, and its roots. Highly recommended for addicts of all varieties, process and substances, and those who love them.

Older people can also benefit...More and more we are learning that unhealed trauma doesn't just "go away". Scientific literature now indicates that dementia in later life may be related to unhealed trauma.

transformational symbol

Spiritpath Transformational Healing specializes in issues of personal empowerment for all people, and welcomes LGBTQ .   

Also Available:

-Life Coaching 
- Spiritual Counseling 
- Marriage Services

Highly recommended: spending much time in Nature, alone, quiet, if possible. Learning to listen more and at a deeper level.

divine feminine

The Divine Feminine has a lot to say - to both women and men - about Rebalancing the Earth and the ways we live on Her and relate to each other and our surroundings. It's time to reunite heart and mind and live from this place. 

I keep waiting for the right time to send you an email about how grateful I am for the work we did together.  I was at a crossroads and needed something to push and pull me into a little more willingness and clarity and your work did just that.  And your wisdom of knowing how to get at the root and heart of what’s going on in the unconscious part of me and bring it into consciousness was very valuable.
I just wanted to thank you for that and wish you a happy new year. I'm looking forward to the next revelation, epiphany. - Colleen, Sailor, Portland.

and just for fun :)

There once was a shaman named Lizzie
So many folks in need she kept busy.
She'd guide them through past lives 
in palaces or seedy dives,
getting higher selves 
to feel tingly and dizzy!
- thanks Sandi & Devon 
 from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida!

"Tingly and dizzy" refers to the effects of Kundalini energy, the natural self healing energy of the body, which heals as it raises your frequency. 


The mystical connection with Nature is waiting for you in the form of your guides and Power Animals. Making the connection with this part of yourself can be incredibly empowering to you individually- as well as a big part of saving our world.

heart, love

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