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Lion's Gate morning chat

Good Morning! it is the morning of the Lion's Gate, 8-8-17 and I am happy to be bringing you some good news! Creative Change and Connecting with Nature are what's up...

There is lots of change in the air, and I am sure you can feel it, as I can, and I urge you to welcome this change and do your best to open to it with excitement, thinking all the while of the changes you would like to see in the world, and in your own individual life, without worrying about how that is going to happen. It's not a time to be in Fear, no matter how much that might seem like the appropriate response. It's a time to be in  Love, and peace, and the creative moment of the Now. Trusting the Divine and asking for help, when necessary.

Please write them down, the changes you would like to see. And release them to the Universe, trusting, surrendering those visions to the Divine, knowing that our prayers are being listened to, and responded to, keeping our thoughts of the highest nature. It's okay to want things for yourself personally, but we also want to remember to extend those good wishes to all the souls on the planet right now. Because there is really only one soul, and we are all connected. 

And we rise together.

Additionally, especially during this time that is so precious, between the Lion's Gate and the Solar Eclipse coming up on the 21st of August, it's a great time to write down on a piece of paper all that you would like to let go of in your life, the old chapter you are done with, and burn it in a fire ceremony, perhaps with some of your friends. And rather than having a beer, this time, around that fire, perhaps you might all want to close your eyes and share a quiet moment of meditation and open your ears and hearts to what the Divine might be wanting to communicate to you. 

It's a great time to do Kundalini yoga, if you can find a practitioner who teaches near you, and it's a great time to be walking alone in Nature, or maybe with your dog, especially if he or she is a quiet type who doesn't take all your attention :) Kundalini helps to move the Divine Presence, the energy of Spirit, through your body and raises your frequency, or vibration. 

Last week, walking with my beautiful doggie familiar (spiritual companion) in Port Townsend, WA, I saw three deer. Then a giant owl buzzed me, not once, but TWICE. Right over my head. I have been honored by numerous eagles flying over my head at a beach nearby, but this was the first Owl visitation I have been blessed by- in this part of the world. (In Santa Fe and Hawai'i  Owls showed up for me when big change was about to happen).  Shortly after that, yellow and white butterflies surrounded me on the path. I felt like Cinderella in the forest! 

And you? have you had experiences with animal visitations? I'd love to hear about them!

The deer continued to interact with me, for quite awhile. This is not unusual in this place where Nature is honored and they feel safe. They kept looking back at me as if they had things to say to me, and I resolved to ask, in my meditations, for more ability to hear what they were trying to say. Because I am clear that the block, if it exists, is on my side. These deer were very clear that they wanted to talk, and what was the matter with me that I couldn't get it! LOL.

Nature is really calling out to us these days, and She needs our attention and cooperation. Whatever you can do to be on the side of Nature right now is so important. We are, as I am sure you are aware, in a pivotal time in terms of the balance of Humankind and Nature on the planet. If we are all to continue to coexist, Humans are going to need to change the way we interact with Nature.

I wish for you that you are able to find quiet time in a beautiful part of Nature and that you are able to soak up some of that peace, and bring it back to your busy life. If you are quiet enough, maybe you can even hear, perhaps in your own garden, the voices of the devas, the Nature spirits, trying to get through to you.

I also wish for you that you manage to spend most of your time in contentment, regardless of what is going on in the outside world. I spend a lot of time online paying attention to what is going wrong, only because to me it is important to know the nature of what is up.

But it is JUST as important to stay in bliss, and not allow the darkness to affect us. Because our emotions are very important in the creation of our new world. The more we can learn to meditate ( I recommend TM which I have done since my 20s) the more we can step back from the madness and go into the creative place within ourselves from which all the best things emanate. And we can find true peace, which exists in each one of us, no matter what is going on outside of us. Doing the Spiritpath retreat, of course, makes this peace and creativity very accessible to us, very quickly.

If this makes sense to you, great. if you have questions, please comment and I'll do my best to explain in more depth.

Meanwhile, have a terrific day, dear ones, and remember, we are building the Bliss for the Planet right now. One moment at a time, one loving word and peaceful thought, one feeling of trust and surrender, and connection with the Divine. 

Blissings to you all from my heart and the heart of the Earth.

- Liz

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