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Coping with Challenging times.

Updated: Feb 7

Hey there!

I know we are all dealing with a lot of interesting events and people in our lives who are a bit off balance, and I just want to say a few things to help hold the space of peace and trust and ease and grace..

During these times when it's hard to know if we are getting the honest story, or if people in power have agendas that they would like us to fit into, it's very important to go within and deal with any trauma that we have not yet dealt with, and to learn to TRUST OUR OWN INTUITION. If we don't have that inner BS detector working, we are at the mercy of any loud voice that wants to grab our attention. And it's easy to feel like a pinball in a machine.

While events around us are swirling and it may feel hard to hold the center, now more than ever, especially with the eclipse coming up on Monday, is the time to GO WITHIN and meditate. 

Don't stress if you don't have eclipse glasses or you aren't going to be right in the path of the eclipse. My information tells me it's a great time to stay inside, meditate and not eat much. Drink a lot of water, and send love to the other people in our country, even the ones you think you are angry with, because everybody needs love right now. Especially those who are so confused they think that hate is the path they need for their own self preservation.

When we send love, it is the Strongest force in the Universe and it blows everything else away. Keep sending love, keep loving those around you and letting them know how much you love them.

Love the children, and the older people, love your dogs and cats and all the animals in your household and the wild ones too.. and the wild spaces, please send them love also, and the Earth. She needs your love and care right now.

If you feel like you would like help in releasing trauma and learning to trust the Divine more, please give a call or email me on the website.

MANY BLESSINGS and HUGE LOVE to you all. We are on the precipice of real, lasting, important change and the best thing we can all do is let go of Fear and FOCUS ON LOVE. 

Keep on sending the Love.


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