Real happiness and  peace of mind are your  birthright. They are waiting for you.- Liz Randol

Just as love brings profound healing to our relationships, understanding brings a lessening of fear. As we let go of fears, the obstacles to love disappear, and love flows freely within, and between, and among us.
- Dr. Brian Weiss

Have you had a spiritual connection in the past but are recently feeling stuck and wondering how to move past that?

Have you always known you had a purpose for being here at this time, but lately seem to be lacking a clear sense of the next step?

Have recent planetary changes stirred up old emotions or patterns you thought you had dealt with?

Are persistent physical or emotional symptoms that no doctor has been able to effectively deal with making your life challenging?

The body/mind/spirit connection may be able to help shift these.

Wondering how to feel true fulfillment with your work, in relationships with lover, family, friends, as a human being? How to feel the connection with others, that you are doing work where you are valued, that you belong and are seen for who you really are?

Have radical changes in your world got you feeling out of sorts?
Could you use a little input from your own inner healer to help with this shift?

Spiritpath helps put you back in touch with that love, energy, idealism, hope and inspiration that is necessary to keep our excitement alive.. to feel centered and empowered.

Often things fall apart in order to come back together built on a more firm foundation.. but it can be hard at times to remember this simple truth.

Spiritpath is Shamanic work, and as such works in the trance state, where you can access material not usually available to the conscious mind. For this reason, it works on a more profound level than you may be used to.

When we can access a higher level of understanding, see ourselves from a different perspective, everything in our world makes a whole lot more sense, and things fall into place. From this place it is easier to see the way forward and the direction that works for us.          

Spiritpath uses breathwork, ancient Chinese acupressure points, (windows to the sky) and cranio sacral techniques to create a state of deep relaxation from which Shamanic work between the worlds is possible. With this work, soul retrieval, past lives and the Akashic Records are accessible. It is the nexus where other lifetimes can be touched, larger understandings accessed, generational patterns and  traumas released, bringing new life into stagnant places.

Spiritpath work:

We work with the neuroplasticity of the brain to help form new neural pathways... creating new and more effective ways of coping more constructively with stress and trauma. Your brain can learn to respond differently to stress. You don't have to be stuck in the same old patterns.

Science has now proven that experiences are encoded in DNA, even passed on through generations. Old patterns held in the body may be why you tend to recreate similar situations with people, money, sexuality, power/authority etc. It is possible to leave all this behind, to bring these issues into awareness, integrate them, and release the past.

What is Shamanic Healing?

A combination of techniques which makes it possible to go beyond the veil to access the deeper level of wisdom and power that is available to you.
Journeying to places of deeper knowing: finding the witness state, the higher perspective which helps the unspeakable make sense.. soul retrieval, going back through time and space to find those parts of us that were left behind during times of trauma.

This work helps you tune into the underlying humor, joy, magic and expansiveness of life and to open up your sense of play and imagination. Our connection to Nature plays a large role in healing and shows up in many unexpected ways in our sessions together. Humor and playfulness are a big part of what we do here with the Higher Self.

Why Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing has been helpful with many of these issues and can be an excellent complement to traditional therapy & medical treatment.      
Spiritpath Transformational Healing - Shamanic Healing Santa Fe, New Mexico
Stress Release
Healing Creative Blocks
Anxiety /Phobias
Feeling safe.
Life Transitions
Grieving and Loss
Quality of life in Sobriety
Adult Survivors of Abuse
Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
Environmental illness
Recovery from Cancer &  other diseases
Trusting the Universe
Finding more Happiness & Meaning in Life!

Spiritpath is highly recommended for anyone looking to raise their level of awareness, inspiration and connection with the energy of spirit, no matter how many years, or lifetimes they have been "on the path."

Working with young people who are feeling lost and alienated and busy acting out the road to oblivion is one of the things I feel most excited about. These kids often don't feel that they have anyone around who gets them. There is a lot of loneliness and psychic pain in that state. It's a joy to be a part of assisting them in remembering that they are surrounded by love, and why they came here in the first place.

Older people can also benefit...More and more we are learning that unhealed trauma doesn't just "go away".
It now appears that dementia in later life may be related to unhealed trauma.. The time to deal with it is now.

Spiritpath Transformational Healing specializes in issues of personal empowerment for all people, and particularly the Divine Feminine in both men and women, and welcomes LGBT.

              please call for free initial consultation. 505-204-0452
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