We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. - Joseph Campbell

In turbulent times, we need our inner allies, Nature, the Divine Feminine, Kundalini energy, (and our spirit guides including the animals) on board as never before..
These times demand that we be at our best and not give in to the prevalent negativity. 

Spiritpath is a deep clearing and balancing at the level of Body/Mind/Spirit and Emotion that is - chances are- unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Since 1988 this work has been healing people at a fundamental level all over the world. 

Transition and even chaos = Opportunity. Rather than "go negative", it's a great time to go deeper with your connection to the deepest strength inside of you..to be in close touch with your internal guidance system, your Higher Self.

Let's open our eyes to what is out there in the way of help - and may be calling our name. Sometimes the mind is not enough... 

If you or anyone you know may be ready for a deeper or renewed connection with those allies, whether you are a long time journeying on the path or brand new to the idea of Spirit in Nature and You, let's sit down & have tea and talk about it.

Many feel that these are the Times we were born for.. the times we came here to heal.. both ourselves and eventually the world. 

It's a good time to tap back into the larger mind for the answers.. to rediscover the wisdom and perspective that come from your Higher Self, to get the download. 

I keep waiting for the right time to send you an email about how grateful I am for the work we did together.  I was at a crossroads and needed something to push and pull me into a little more willingness and clarity and your work did just that.  And your wisdom of knowing how to get at the root and heart of what’s going on in the unconscious part of me and bring it into consciousness was very valuable.
I just wanted to thank you for that and wish you a happy new year. I'm looking forward to the next revelation, epiphany..
Or simply the next present moment because that’s where it is.
Hau'ouli Makahiki hou - Colleen, Sailor, Portland.

The journey we took was transformative. It was what I needed to reconnect with a part of myself that was lost. 
Walking at night in the past month I have seen two owls and two shooting stars...the Goddess is speaking and I am listening. 
- B., therapist, Olympia

I wanted to tell you how much I value your approach. 
I imagine you either don't concern yourself with what you call it or have a special name for it; to me it is very respectful of the individual's Higher Self. You do not intrude in that or do any leading.  When I worked with clients, especially adult clients, my approach was to encourage them to trust what was "deep within." I am sure I was influenced by Carl Rogers' non-directive therapy... 
You showed me that my most essential and important "work" must be done within and from guidance provided by my Higher Self. You instilled in me the confidence that I can rely on my Higher Self as exemplified by that magnificent and profound inner landscape of spiritual supports. The image of my path, my Power Animals, my angel, etc., is such a priceless, incredible gift. Thank you for being in my life!!!! 
-- Dan, psychology professor, Seattle

If you allow your powerful allies to guide you, to draw on their strength and support and the love they have for you, you can move through these times with ease, balance, grace - even joy!

Many of us have a foot in two worlds, the old world we are ready to let go of and the new world we yearn for.

How do we get there from here?
How can we evolve into a better world?
What part does doing our own personal work play in that evolution?

Old issues held below the surface may be coming up to be healed; things you thought you dealt with long ago may demand your attention at a deeper level. When you take the time to do this work of healing, the freedom and power that result touch every part of your life, and the lives of those around you.


Here is a clip from the Port Townsend talk - where Liz reads from her upcoming book and talks about the philosophy behind Spiritpath.

from Port Townsend talk
on "the downside of Positive Thinking"

Minute 20: sexual abuse from a spiritual perspective.

Tired of the status quo? If you find that residue from the past is interfering with your ability to live fully in your present life with ease and happiness..

Shamanic work, body/mind/spirit work is the real thing. It goes to a deeper level for the answers. It changes everything in your world - from the inside out - for the better. 

Symbol of inner peace

Another world is not only possible, She is on Her way. On a quiet day, I can hear Her breathing. -  Arundhati Roy

Shamanic work sees each human as a whole being, body, mind, spirit and emotions, and deals in a holistic way with illness and discomfort, assisting in creating  integrity/integration for the whole being. 

Move past feeling stuck, begin the process of releasing the unconsciously held straitjacket of conditioning, as well as any residue of trauma - both present time and past- intergenerational patterns,  (family constellations)- healing at the deepest level. 

Chances are this is completely different than what you are used to from any other modality.

This is what a shamanic retreat looks like: Three hours a day, three days in a row, with an after session the following week for an hour. 

This is where true healing lies. Real change doesn't have to take years. It takes some time, hard work, dedication, and modalities with proven results. It takes access to the entire being and the ability to make shifts at the DNA level. It takes believing in yourself and bringing an open mind and attitude to the table to CO -CREATE the change you want to see in your self and your world.

Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, I felt some trepidation about going to a Shamanic healer. Even the word shaman conjured up dark images full of fear for me. Spiritpath is definitely working with, in, and for Light. I was able to go back to old places where I have been stuck in fear and pain and experience them with the support of Loving Light surrounding me. Liz's presence assured me that I was safe to revisit old wounds and look for the soul lessons beneath each one. She helped me integrate parts of myself back into my Wholeness. I am grateful for this work! 
- L., R.N., Mill Valley, CA

The work included an important integration of cognitive, emotional and spiritual energies, which was adeptly guided by Liz’s deep reverence and ego-less presence. 
Several months later, I am still working with the imagery and creativity that came through.
 Thanks, Liz, for helping me give this wonderful gift to myself. -Psychotherapist, Santa Fe 

I totally got what I needed and wanted out of our work together and am already off and running. Everything I was looking for is materializing (and very quickly). 
When the fruit is ripe it is ripe! 
- Entrepreneur, yogini, Marin County

Things have been going great! I feel a lot more balanced and have more energy! I'm not panicking at night anymore! 
I do notice that I react to certain things, but it's out of habit. So I'm working on changing those habits. 
I notice now how self - critical I've been, working on changing that, reframing it. After our sessions I could feel that I let my guard down with my husband and he said he noticed it also. I feel more patient and relaxed with my childrenOne last thing, I went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. It went really well. I actually really enjoyed being around her. I definitely noticed that I didn't have my guard up. Thank you for everything you did for me!!!  - L, Stay at home Mom, Portland

The never ending quest for "peace of mind" and "real happiness"  never truly felt attainable until I met Liz...
I still feel the unfolding of the transformation that is taking place in my ability to give and receive love, not be dominated by ego, and accept the range of emotions we as human beings experience with peace and acceptance. Everything I need to feel happiness and peace is appearing, due to the openness of my heart...
Due to my work with Liz, I accepted a full-time job, and have been adjusting to that. Lots of good growth has been occurring. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to do this work! - Lisa, Special Ed Teacher, Masters in Counseling Psychology student, Colorado Springs

This can mean letting go of a lot of who we once thought we were, like a snake discarding an old skin. How does this Transformation occur?

It's a Revolution from the Heart.. of Nature.

meditation on the ocean.The cave you fear to enter holds the Treasure you seek.  
- Joseph Campbell

Neuroplasticity of the brain means new responses to old situations are available. We don't have to be stuck in old patterns- it is possible to evolve into new ways of being, to change responses at the level of DNA, and really be all that you came here to be. 

happiness, past lives

In the great change that is afoot..
each Lightworker has a role to play. 

Life is often a series of small steps.  Sometimes the next step is only revealed once a step of faith is taken. Meeting with Liz was one of those first steps for me. With a step forward in faith, in the universe, I began to delve deeper into myself, heal the past, confront the present and manifest a future of my choosing. 
One can begin to understand that we do have a choice, in each thought, feeling and action we undertake in this life. Liz is a kind and caring healer who can help you take that first step into yourself. - Mark Proden, Oregon Winemaker/Owner, The Winery at Manzanita   www.thewineryatmanzanita.com 

divine feminine
The Divine Feminine has a lot to say - to both women and men - about Rebalancing the Earth - and the ways we live on Her and relate to each other.

I feel pretty vibrant! Still a work in progress, of course, but much more confident. I'm very interested in the Feminine Principle after our work and definitely in the stages of learning self forgiveness. Ready for more adventure! 
   - Dorothy, R.N., ABQ , New Mexico.
(looking forward to my adult son doing this work!)

The mystical connection with Nature is waiting for you in the form of your guides and Power Animals. Making the connection with this part of yourself can be a big part of saving our world.

The answers are all there for you ~when you get the download from your Higher Self.

heart, love

Three sessions - of Three Hours Each - 
(plus a one hour follow up session) - Three days in a row, Ten hours in a week's time will invite real, lasting change into your life. 
Change for the better.
Please Scroll down for details.

Nature and beauty
Have you ever imagined living in a state of Bliss? 
Or that it could even be possible?

So much light is pouring onto the planet right now. So much help is available, if you ask for it. 
You have to ask - it's a Free Will Universe.. 
All the tools, all the knowledge is inside of you - 
and the keys are available to unlock it. 
lotus of balance, peace
Are you ready to take the next step on the journey to your own authenticity?

Spiritpath Shamanic
shamanic healer
         Liz Randol, Facilitator

It's time for that Paradigm Shift we've all been hearing about for so long.

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's unbecoming everything that isn't you so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.

If this work speaks to you, please email Liz at lizdragon2002@gmail.com 
or call 505-204-0452  to set up a free consultation in person, by phone, or video chat.

Spiritpath works multidimensionally - with results that release each person  to be happier, and more FREE, and more in touch with creativity in this life, at this time.
Spiritpath uses Acupressure, Breathwork and Cranio Sacral to open the doors to the Akashic Records, so that all the wisdom of your soul is available to you.

power animal, healing, spirit guideCutting through social conditioning to the Truth of the Being that you are - this is what this process can do for you. 

The Higher Self shows you the best path to take from this point on.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. 
- Anais Nin

If you don't bring forth what is inside you, what you don't bring forth will destroy you 
- Jesus of Nazareth

Shamanic healing is a spiritual method of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. - Sandra Ingerman

shamanic healing
While we often work in concert with other therapists, this is not psychology; it is Shamanic work, which goes beyond 3rd dimensional  reality to the place of ultimate truth. 

Liz holds individual healing retreats in her office and online. Liz works in Port Townsend, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

Liz has practiced Spiritpath work since 1988 in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the Southwest, Hawaiian Islands, Vermont, and Costa Rica.

Shamanic Tools are available to help you keep your heart open during these times - so that you have the  strength you need to cut through  the illusion and stay on track with your soul purpose - the reason you are here on the planet at this time. 

Once you ask, you receive so much more than you could ever imagine.

peace, beauty, balance, prosperity,

Structure of the work:
3 sessions
3 consecutive days 
3 hours per session
A One Hour Follow Up Session
A total of ten hours in One week's time.

Important Note:  You must be at least two weeks off cannabis (CBDs for medicinal purposes we can talk about) and ***titrated down (under a doctor's guidance) ****
from antidepressants to do this work.

****If you are on more powerful psychotropic or anti - psychotic medications this work ***  may not be appropriate for you.****  We are happy to discuss this in consultation with your psychiatric practitioner.

Powerful pharmaceuticals will blunt the effects of this subtle work. This has been tested and proven over and over again with cannabis AND pharmaceuticals.

(Please scroll down for logistics and details.)

massage table, office, healing space
Dealing with stress proactively - before it creates illness- is the best thing you can do to boost your immune system. Releasing trauma from the past is a huge boost to your immune system. 

This helps to stay healthy, and to rediscover balance within us and with the world..to begin the healing process from the inside out.

Trusting your healer and the process 
is the most important indicator of success.

Spirit of Divine Feminine

As a physician I know all too well the limitations of drugs and certain therapies in truly addressing deep suffering from trauma. Having endured horrific, life-threatening physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child, I was fortunate to have been resilient enough for many years to continue to function at a high level in professional as well as personal relationship capacities.
Everything fell apart when my resilience was suddenly undermined after a devastating head injury which kept me out of work for a year. Old wounds from my childhood surfaced and I became ambivalent about remaining on the planet. 
Thankfully I found Liz. I truly believe she saved my life.
 - Physician, Massachusetts

butterfly, transformation

Many people experience increased ability to attract/manifest creativity on the financial plane from this work. When we can TRULY release the past, we can open up more fully to the flow of joy, abundance, well being, inner peace. 

Now is the time to clear out the mental clutter and move forward from a more clear and empowered place.

Fee Structure:

  • Fees: $600 - 1200 for the ten hour retreat. (sliding scale)
  •  A DEPOSIT of at least 50% is required to begin the work. All fees to be paid before the work begins.
  • No refunds, but sessions can be rescheduled due to the vicissitudes of life. 
  • Payment plans are available - please ask if you need them.
  • If traveling is involved, extra fees may apply.

If you find yourself excited and happy as a result of this work, please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund to assist others currently in a position of less ease to receive this life changing work. Thank you.

Becoming a Free and 
Human Being is the 
ultimate aim of this work

natural beauty

Just as love brings profound healing to our relationships, understanding brings a lessening of fear. As we let go of fears, the obstacles to love disappear, and love flows freely within, and between, and among us. - Dr. Brian Weiss
(Many Lives, Many Masters)

Every Addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to - Alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person - you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain. - Eckhardt Tolle.

Spiritpath works with addiction from the point of view of Attachment disorders and Jungian archetypal shadow work. 
It works best for  addicts who are actively working with 12 step programs. This work is also very helpful to those who have been sober a long time and wish to go deeper with their spiritual journey.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts  by Gabor Mate is a valuable examination of the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction, and its roots. Highly recommended for addicts of all varieties, process and substances, and those who love them.

Older people can also benefit...More and more we are learning that unhealed trauma doesn't just "go away". Scientific literature now indicates that dementia in later life may be related to unhealed trauma.

transformational symbol

Spiritpath Transformational Healing specializes in issues of personal empowerment for all people, and welcomes LGBTQ .   
Also Available:

 -Life Coaching 
- Spiritual Counseling 
- Marriage Services

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